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We understand that trying to find help for your child can be a little overwhelming.  To help you start, we have put together a comprehensive list of resources, articles, and information below to help you and your child.

Feeding Guide

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual, and sometimes, it feels like figuring out what is “normal” is half of the battle.

The articles below will help you understand what you might expect, and give you some strategies to help you raise healthy, happy eaters.

Feeding Guide

Does Your Child Have A Feeding Problem?

Being the parent of a child who doesn’t eat well is HARD. We understand and have resources to help support you.

These articles will give you more information about feeding problems, and help you figure out how big of a problem eating might be for your child.


Does My Child Have A Problem?

Free Resources

Parent & Caregiver Workshop

Learn from Dr. Toomey about why children don’t eat well and practical strategies for improving mealtimes in your home through the introductory video “When Children Won’t Eat (and how to help!).

Free Blog

Enjoy free articles each month, designed to help support your children around mealtimes.


Listen in as Dr. Toomey discusses the SOS Approach to Feeding and other feeding topics with community members.

Recommended Products & Resources

Check out our recommended products, including chairs for mealtimes, utensils, books about kids who are picky eaters, and other resources that we love.

Check out our NEW Parent/Caregiver Resource Libraries

With SOS Parent Libraries, you have access to in-depth information to help you understand how every child learns to eat, why and when eating may get off track, and step-by-step strategies for overcoming feeding difficulties.

Each Library is geared toward a specific population of children.

  • Preventing Picky Eating is geared towards parents of young children, just beginning their food exploration to help them get off on the right foot.
  • Helping Picky Eaters Happily Eat covers the General Treatment Strategies that are supportive for all children, with or without feeding challenges.
  • Promoting Progress for Problem Feeders offers adaptations of the General Treatment Strategies for children who have more significant skill deficits and strategies to provide more support.
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Helpful Links

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Parent Workshop

Learn from Dr. Toomey about why children don't eat well and practical strategies for improving mealtimes in your home.

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