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SOS Mentorship

Overview & Requirements

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It is not always immediately obvious how to implement a new program into your existing practice, which is why we developed the SOS Mentorship Program. Together, we make it easy to integrate our program into your current clinical work so you can begin seeing the results and the value of the SOS Approach to Feeding quickly.

As part of the 12-week, SOS Mentorship Program, you’ll receive direct guidance and feedback from an SOS Professor on how to best implement the program in your clinical practice, whether you’re a new SOS practitioner or just looking for a little extra support in getting the SOS Approach more fully integrated into your therapy.

  • Personalized feedback and discussion regarding how to apply the SOS Philosophy and Strategies within your setting
  • Individualized guidance on your treatment sessions to refine your SOS Feeding Therapy skills
  • Convenient online format and meetings
  • Attendance at a Mentorship Course will allow the therapist to qualify for the SOS Certification Program

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Take your feeding therapy skills to the next level

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Take your feeding therapy skills to the next level

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