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Parent/Caregiver Workshop - When Children Won't Eat (and how to help!)

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The Parent/Caregiver Workshop video offers Parents and Caregivers an introductory view on how complicated feeding/eating is, why children may struggle to eat, and how to help children to eat better.

This Workshop will teach Parents and Caregivers about the foundational skills needed for eating. Practical Strategies are discussed so Parents and Caregivers can help their children learn to have a lifelong healthy relationship with food. This Workshop will be addressing common feeding issues often seen in young children, to struggles that “picky eaters” may have, and the challenges of the “problem feeder”.

Download the handouts referenced in the presentation video:

SOS Parent Workshop – Translation Options

Provided either directly by the SOS Approach to Feeding or through the support of our community partners via an external website, the SOS Parent/Caregiver Workshop is available in the following languages:

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Our Parent & Caregiver Membership options offer support and resources on demand, to help you implement the strategies discussed in the video.

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Looking for more ideas or support?

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