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Access in-depth ideas, strategies and explanations with SOS Parent Libraries.

Learn from the world’s Feeding Experts with information you can trust.

The SOS Approach to Feeding is nationally and internationally recognized as the world’s foremost clinical program for assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties.  Dr. Kay Toomey has spent the last 30 years refining her strategies for helping ALL children to become lifelong, healthy, happy eaters.  The SOS Approach to Feeding’s practical insights and ideas have been proven to help parents increase their typically eating child’s nutrition, to help prevent feeding challenges from happening in the first place, and to positively change the way both picky eaters and problem feeders eat on a daily basis.

With SOS Parent Libraries, you have access to in-depth information to help you understand how every child learns to eat, why and when eating may get off track, and step-by-step strategies for overcoming feeding difficulties.

Each Library is composed of Books and Chapters. The resources are listed in the order we find to be most helpful for families, and many families choose to read through the entire Library much like a book. The table of contents also allows you to click on the link to each topic that you want to jump to.

Preventing Picky Eaters


This library is ideal for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers who are just beginning their learning with food. Preventing Picky Eating walks you through how and when to begin introducing foods to your child, setting up mealtime routines for your family to support your child, and strategies to help your child learn to eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods.

Table of Contents:

Book 1: Developmental Milestones

Chapter 1: How Children Learn to Eat: A month-by-month guide

Chapter 2: Strategies to Help Infants & Toddlers Meet Feeding Milestones

Chapter 3: Understanding How Children of Different Ages Think About Food

Book 2: Introducing First Foods

Chapter 1: Helping Infants Learn to Eat Well

Chapter 2: Readiness Cues for Introducing New Food Textures

Chapter 3: Introducing Purees

Chapter 4: Infant Troubleshooting

Chapter 5: Recipe Ideas for First Foods

Book 3: Setting Your Toddler Up for Success – Schedules & Routines

Chapter 1: Creating a Schedule for Meals to Support Appetite

Chapter 2: Mealtime Routines

Book 4: Setting Your Toddler Up for Success – Expanding Food Range

Chapter  1: Ideas for getting your Toddler Involved with Food

Chapter 2: Strategies to Support your Child in Learning to Eat New Foods

Book 5: Toddler Troubleshooting

Chapter 1: Why is eating so hard for my child?

Chapter 2: Why isn’t my child eating enough?

Chapter 3: Why won’t my child sit?

Chapter 4: Why is my child so messy while eating?

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Helping Picky Eaters Happily Eat


This library is designed to support families with children over the age of 2. Helping Picky Eaters Happily Eat covers what we call General Treatment Strategies – the thing we can do as adults to support children in learning to eat a wide range of foods. This library is packed with information to support you in understanding the complexity of eating and creating an environment that supports your children in learning to happily eat a wide range of foods.

Table of Contents:

Let’s Get Started

Book 1: Family Meal Routine

Book 2: Scheduling Meals & Snacks

Book 3: What to Serve at Meals

Book 4: The Importance of Being a Good Role Model

Book 5: Understanding How Kids Learn to Eat

Book 6: Supporting Eating Away from the Table

Book 7: Recipe Ideas to Support Picky Eaters

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Promoting Progress for Problem Feeders


This library was created to support the families of children with more significant feeding challenges which require more intervention. The Promoting Progress for Problem Feeders Library includes the entire Helping Picky Eaters Happily Eat Library, as this serves as the foundation. Then, the additional articles and downloads help families understand why their child is having trouble learning to eat a wide range of foods and gives compensatory strategies as well as ideas to support skill development.

Table of Contents

Book 1. Supporting Your Child in Eating Outside of your Home

Chapter 1: Start Here

Chapter 2: Supporting Eating at School

Chapter 3: Supporting Eating at Restaurants

Book 2. Supporting & Improving Problem Feeders’ Oral Motor & Sensory Skills

Chapter 1: Start Here

Chapter 2. Oral Motor Skill Development & Compensatory Strategies

Chapter 3. Supporting Better Sensory Functioning at Meals

Book 3: Understanding Problem Feeders: Who and Why

Chapter 1. Strategies to Help the Problem Feeder

Chapter 2. Additional Strategies for Supporting a Child with Autism

Chapter 3. Managing Allergies, Food Sensitivities, and Reflux

Chapter 4. Delays in Cognitive Development and How it Impacts Feeding Skills

Chapter 5. Finding the Right Therapist for Us

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