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The SOS Approach to Feeding Core Principles - White Paper

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What is the SOS Approach to Feeding?

We believe in helping everyone reach their full potential. We understand that supporting a child who has feeding difficulties presents an emotional and logistical challenge you want to face with compassion, empathy, and a feeding program proven to work. That’s why we created the SOS Approach to Feeding. We know it’s much more than “just a phase,” and ensuring that your child or the clients in your care are getting the nutrients necessary to not just survive but flourish, is no easy task.

The foundations of the SOS Approach to Feeding are the Core Principles briefly outlined below and then explained in more detail in this White Paper.

In the SOS Approach we believe in:

SOS is Strengths-Based, Family Centered, and Intrinsic Motivation Focused

SOS highlights the typical development of feeding/eating as the best initial blueprint for intervention

SOS utilizes food to help a child learn how to eat

In SOS Play-with-a-Purpose is matched to that child’s individual interests and cognitive age

SOS is Research Driven and Evidence Informed

SOS Approach to Feeding - Core Principles - White Paper


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