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We have had two sessions and the amount of progress is mind-blowing to me. I no longer feel ARFID is in the mix and it is clear that Logan still has significant difficulty with his sensory system and oral-motor skills, which the SOS Trained therapist has skillfully been addressing.

Logan shared that he feels this is the “just right” approach for him. I am thrilled and so thankful that you took the time to hear me and guide me in this direction.

– Marla, mom of 15-year-old Logan, from Colorado

Our son greatly benefited from the SOS Program. It broke down the barriers and allowed him to explore food through games, scientific record keeping, sight, touch and smell when tasting was an obstacle. He now experiences food with less initial judgement and has a greater willingness to try new things. The knowledge and confidence he gained from the SOS Program has allowed him to be less selective with food and to expand his diet gradually.

– Amy, mother of 12 year old son, Graham

Our lives have changed dramatically for the better since we spent four weeks at an intensive feeding program where we worked with a SOS trained therapist. First, I learned my son’s sensory and motor challenges and how to help introduce, play, and work with food in a positive manner. Second, I learned the steps to eating. Third, I learned how life changes and communication affected my son’s eating habits. Our SOS therapist went above and beyond to help us even after our four weeks was complete. She gave me the tools to evaluate my son’s relationship with food, so I felt empowered to help him through the sensory, motor and any minor bumps or jags we had along the way. Fast forward two years and my son wants to be a chef. He is our sous chef in the kitchen and his diet went from crunchy carbs to a full diet that includes a variety of meat, vegetables, and fruit. We couldn’t have done it without our SOS trained therapist. Thank you for making our lives the best they can be!

– Mary Ann, from Michigan

Dear Dr. Toomey,

Ian had a writing assignment for school that required him to send someone a letter to give an update about something in his life. He immediately asked if he could send you a letter updating you about his progress since we saw you three years ago.

Thankfully, we are all happy with Ian’s slow and steady progress since he worked with you. While Ian is still picky, he definitely eats many more foods that he did when we met you, and he is no longer brand specific about his foods. He also is willing to “snake taste” foods even if he decides he doesn’t like them. He is also a huge help to his four year old brother who is following closely in Ian’s footsteps when it comes to eating issues. When Ryan tries to get up from the table to avoid eating or trying to learn about a new food, Ian tells him “We stay in our chairs until clean up time!” He is a really great coach and cheerleader for Ryan since he went through the same thing!

We really cannot thank you enough for all you did for Ian. Also, we truly appreciate the countless hours you spend traveling around the world to train therapists so they can help others like Ian!


Ian & Jennifer from Washington D.C.

My son has moderate ASD with SPD and was officially diagnosed at the age of two. He has been doing occupational, speech and feeding therapy consistently since he was 18 months old. He is now 5 years old.

We have made good strides in speech and occupational therapy but when it came to feeding we hadn’t been able to find that special key to unlock the door to him eating a variety of foods. Before we came to the SOS feeding program we had hit a brick wall and were desperate to understand more about the SOS Approach to Feeding because all other avenues had led us to a dead end. We knew there HAD to be something out there for our kiddo that would help him.

When we started our sessions of feeding school with the SOS program I was FLOORED and extremely emotional about how we finally found that missing key we had been searching for all along. The SOS approach was tailored to my son and his needs and it was just amazing how much progress we made in just a few weeks.

Our SOS therapist really listened to my son’s cues, likes, and dislikes and plugged them into an equation that even I, as his mother, couldn’t figure out. The SOS approach was ABSOLUTELY instrumental in getting us past the wall that been blocking my son’s success all this time.

My son went from not being able to even be close to certain foods without gagging to not only being close to those same foods but actually tasting them! I was able to learn so much throughout our journey with the SOS Approach to Feeding and I was able to take away vital knowledge that I still use with my son today.

I know that we still have a ways to go, but now I can finally say that I have that key to the door that lets the light in and I am forever grateful.

– LeKisha from Texas

Dear Dr. Kay,

I was one of your patients when I was 2 years old. I had been to many different feeding specialists and no one was able to help. When the doctors thought that nothing could be done and that I needed to get a feeding tube, Child Find introduced us to you. You were able to convince my doctors that you could help and you asked them to give you a chance to work with me before I had surgery. You were very busy and we had given up hope of being able to get an appointment with you but at the last minute you had a cancellation and you were able to see me. After that appointment you told the doctors about your program and they gave you a week. After seeing you that week, they gave you a month to work with me because I was doing so well.   After the first couple of months I had made such good progress that they decided I didn’t need a feeding tube after all. My family talks about you all the time and we know that we owe you so much for saving me.

I am now 11 years old and we are studying jobs that keep people healthy. The first person I thought about was you.  I’m hoping you can answer some questions for a Science Fair Project so I can share what you do with my classmates and other kids in my school. I would like them to know how wonderful you are.


SOS Around the World

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