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Demonstrate your mastery of the SOS Approach to Feeding program and become SOS Certified 

Developed by Master SOS Professors, the SOS Certification Program is designed as the highest level of training in the SOS Approach to Feeding program.  During this 12-week, online course, professionals currently providing SOS Feeding Therapy will refine their clinical skills to become an Expert in the SOS Approach to Feeding program.   Upon completion of the 12 week course, successful students will qualify as a Certified SOS Feeding Therapist.

Course Details

Participation Expectations and Course Requirements
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Application and Registration Process
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Each SOS Certification Course will consist of 6-8 participants working together and in individual consultation with the SOS Professors to improve each student’s assessment skills, observation and understanding of children’s communication (verbal and non-verbal), clinical reasoning and planning abilities, parent education strategies, and SOS feeding therapy skills to maximize the participants’ effectiveness in utilizing the SOS Approach to Feeding Program.

Students will be asked to select a current Feeding Therapy Client to serve as an ongoing case study throughout the Certification course.  Case study presentations, written homework on Food Hierarchies and Play Plans, and observation of two videotaped clinical sessions will be used to document the progress of each student towards SOS expertise.  A written final examination will verify the highest level of understanding of SOS principles and techniques.   Participants will learn from one another’s videotaped sessions and class discussions with feedback provided by the SOS Professors and the other students.  The SOS Professors will also provide each participant with individualized mentoring via written and in-person discussion to elevate each student’s clinical skills to qualify as an SOS Certified Feeding Therapist.

SOS Certification Program Benefits

Learning Objectives

Practitioners successfully completing the SOS Certification Program will:

  1. Explain and utilize the Five Tenants of the SOS Approach to Feeding program
  2. Employ knowledge of typical feeding development and milestones to create an accurate Feeding Assessment (including current status on the Steps to Eating and Developmental Food Continuum).
  3. Plan activities and an environment that will help their client achieve and maintain an optimal state of arousal for learning.
  4. Build Food Hierarchies which meet all requirements and support oral-motor and sensory skill acquisition.
  5. Design and implement Play Plans to facilitate clients moving up the Steps to Eating Hierarchy in a session utilizing principles of Systematic Desensitization.
  6. Accurately utilize Key Phrases, Sensory Based Problem Solving and Emotion Based Discipline during feeding therapy sessions to manage any problems which occur.
  7. Create a Partnership with their client’s caregivers that includes Parent Education and problem solving implementation of the SOS program in the Family Home.

Prerequisite Requirements

  1. Completion of the SOS Approach to Feeding Course by completing the following:
  2. Completion of the SOS Mentorship Course.
  3. Completion of the Advanced SOS Workshop: Parents as Partners: Helping the “Challenging” Family within the last 8 years.
  4. Candidates must have 18 months or more between the completion of the SOS Approach to Feeding Main Training Conference and applying for SOS Certification.
  5. Candidates are required to have 9-12 months between the completion of the SOS Mentorship Course and the start of the SOS Certification Course.
  6. Candidates must have an active therapy client to work with during the SOS Certification process.

** Please note you will be required to submit a copy of your Certificate of Attendance for all of the required prerequisite requirements as part of the Certification Application Process.

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