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After completing the SOS Approach to Feeding Course and the Mentorship Program, practitioners can go on to become a Certified SOS Therapist. The SOS Certification Program is designed to provide current SOS therapists with additional training, mentorship, and expertise in the implementation of the SOS Approach to Feeding.

This Program focuses on improving your practice through the use of lectures, case study presentations, written homework and observation of participant videotapes of clinical sessions. Participants are provided with mentorship that assists in improving their clinical reasoning and treatment skills with the children on their caseload. The SOS Certification Program takes place exclusively through online learning and discussion within a small-group format in the comfort of your own home.

Participants will be asked to select a current Feeding Therapy Client to serve as an ongoing case study throughout the Certification course. They will receive individualized and group mentoring on Treatment Planning and treatment execution using the SOS Approach to Feeding techniques. Refer to the SOS Certification Program Learning Objectives for additional information.

SOS Certification Program Benefits

Learning Objectives

Practitioners successfully completing the SOS Certification Program will be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

Global Understanding of SOS Principles


Parent Education

Personal Development

Demonstration of Competency
Certification Program Participants will be evaluated based upon review of their written course work, video review of therapeutic intervention with actual Client Cases, response to constructive feedback provided, and final examination score. Outcomes of the Certification Program can include:

Course Details

Course Schedule

SOS Professors

Prerequisites & Participant Expectations

System & Material Requirements

Application Process & Tuition

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