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SOS Certification

Application and Registration Process

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Applications for the upcoming SOS Certification Course are now being accepted.  To submit your application and to be considered for SOS Certification, please review the guidelines and procedures below.

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Application Requirements

To ensure all SOS Certification Course potential candidates have the experience and qualifications to sit for SOS Certification, participants will need to provide the following when applying:

  1. Demonstration of SOS Strategies and SOS Tenets during a therapy session with their clients.  Potential candidates are required to submit a 10-15 minute video of their client therapy session and should be focused on a segment of the session in which you are actively working with the client to teach them about foods by moving up the Steps to Eating. Work with at least 2 different foods should be shown in the video clip submitted and at least one of those 2 foods should be a new food or a food that is not part of the child’s current food repertoire. In addition, the video clip should show how you help the client transition from one food to the next in your Food Hierarchy.
  2. In addition to the 10-15 minute video, potential candidates will provide a brief clinical description of the child filmed in the application video including Chronological Age, Cognitive Age, Known or Potential Diagnoses, a List of the child’s preferred foods and non-preferred foods and the Food Hierarchy used in the video taped session.

Time Zone and Language Requirements

Due to the level of class participation required for this Course, it is important that students are taking this class during the day when they are awake and alert. By signing up for this course and signing this agreement, you are testifying that you are not taking this course during the hours of 12am – 5am in your time zone.

If English is not the participant’s native language, fluency in the English language is required for registration.  You will need to be able to participate in class discussions in English, to submit homework assignments in English, to provide a script in English of Videotape assignments (or closed captioning), and to take a final examination in English.

SOS Review Process and Application Fee

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