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Drawing on over 40 years of combined experience, the SOS Professors are passionate about sharing their expertise to ensure your success and the success of the kids you treat.

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Kay A. Toomey, PhD

– Pediatric Psychologist, President of Toomey & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Kay Toomey is a Pediatric Psychologist who has worked with children who don’t eat for almost 30 years. She has developed the SOS Approach to Feeding as a family centered program for assessing and treating children with feeding problems. Dr. Toomey speaks nationally and internationally about her approach. She also acts as a consultant to Nestle/Gerber Baby Food Products. Dr. Toomey helped to form The Children’s Hospital – Denver’s Pediatric Oral Feeding Clinic, as well as the Rose Medical Center’s Pediatric Feeding Center. Dr. Toomey co-chaired the Pediatric Therapy Services Department at Rose Medical Center prior to entering private practice. Dr. Toomey acted as the Clinical Director for Toomey & Associates, Inc.’s Feeding Clinic for six years and SOS Feeding Solutions at STAR Institute for eight years. Dr. Toomey is currently the President of Toomey & Associates, Inc., and acts as a Clinical Consultant to the Feeding Clinic at STAR Institute.


Deborah Lagerborg, CCC-SLP

– Pediatric Speech Pathologist; Pediatric Feeding Specialist

Deborah Lagerborg, CCC-SLP received her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. During her graduate studies, she focused on feeding disorders and dysphagia in infants and children. Deborah currently works as a Pediatric Feeding Specialist and Speech Pathologist for Talking Together, Inc. Prior to this position, Deborah worked at a Pediatric Feeding Specialist at SOS Feeding Solutions at STAR Institute. Deborah began her career in a pediatric outpatient hospital setting, working primarily with infants and children with feeding disorders. She also spent time working in the NICU as part of a multidisciplinary team, supporting premature infant development and early feeding experiences. Deborah’s passion is to work with the families, empowering parents to support their own child’s development and success.

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