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SOS Mentorship

Participation and Technical Requirements

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Participation and Technical Requirements

The SOS Approach to Feeding Mentorship Course is a participatory program in which each student is expected to engage with the SOS Professors and other students through class discussions, videotaped sessions, written work and a test.  Participants are expected to comply with each point below in this Policy in order to meet all of the Course requirements to pass Mentorship and to receive a Certificate of Attendance and Continuing Education Hours (if applicable).

The Technical and System Requirements to participate in this course is provided below.

Course Details

Course Objectives & Requirements

Course Schedule & Registration

SOS Mentorship Professors

Registration Requirements

Due to the level of class participation required for this Course, it is important that students are taking this class during the day when they are awake and alert. By signing up for this course and signing this agreement, you are testifying that you are not taking this course during the hours of 12am – 5am in your time zone.

If English is not the participant’s native language, fluency in the English language is required for registration.  You will need to be able to participate in class discussions in English, to submit homework assignments in English, to provide a script in English of Videotape assignments (or closed captioning), and to take a final examination in English.

Course Requirements

To meet the goals of the Mentorship program and to receive full credit to pass this Course, participants are expected to:

Tardiness, Leaving Class Early and/or Missing a Class

Attendance and tardiness will be noted by the SOS professor on the class roster each week. Students are expected to notify the lead SOS Professor for that Mentorship Course = Deborah Lagerborg OR Kelly Fitzpatrick ([email protected] or [email protected]), as soon as they are aware of a possible attendance issue.  Ideally, students will be able to notify their SOS Professors PRIOR to any tardiness/attendance issue.

There is a maximum of two missed Mentorship classes allowed. Students who miss two classes will meet with their SOS Professor to discuss whether the student will be remaining in the Course, withdrawing from the Course completely, or if the student will be transferring to a different Mentorship Course session.

Incomplete/missing Homework and/or lack of Student participation:

Students who do not correctly complete a Homework assignment or who do not contribute to Class discussions more than twice will meet with their designated SOS Professor to create a written plan for completion of Course requirements.  Students who are unable to comply with their plan will be asked to withdraw from the Course or to transfer to a different Mentorship session.

System & Material Requirements

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