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SOS Professionals - Fun with Food

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Learn more about our 4 day conference and sign up for a conference near you. We have a conference scheduled somewhere in the world approximately every 3 weeks.

Basic SOS Conference

After taking the Basic SOS Approach to Feeding course, join us at a membership level for access to additional support and resources to support your clinical practice!

Professional Membership Level 1: Feeding Building Blocks

Everything you need to know to help young children develop good eating habits for a lifetime. Includes feeding schedules, developmental milestones, how to introduce those first tastes of food, and how to keep mealtimes a pleasant activity.

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Professional Membership Level 2: Progressing the Picky Eater

A huge collection of effective strategies, tips, and supports for Picky Eaters, including recommendations for our favorite feeding equipment, recipes, and ideas for supporting Picky Eaters in learning about foods outside of mealtimes.

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Professional Membership Level 3: Assisting Problem Feeders

Mealtimes with a Problem Feeder can be stressful for everyone involved. Understanding how a Problem Feeder thinks about food, matching foods to their skills, and managing Food Jags can make a huge impact. We have also included tips and strategies for meals at home, school, and at restaurants.

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