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Feeding Building Blocks

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Mealtime Nutrition - My Plate

Helping parents understand what appropriate serving sizes look like, as well as choosing what to serve at meals is important. Learn more about how to support families around mealtime expectations in this section.

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Feeding Schedules

We know that getting kids on a feeding schedule can help increase their volume of foods, as kids who are allowed to graze all day end up eating less. This section lays out typical feeding schedules based on how old the child is.

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Developmental Milestones

Understanding typical feeding development is a crucial step in supporting children who are struggling. Learn more about what to expect in this section.

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Introducing First Foods

Knowing how and when to introduce early eaters to new food textures can be stressful for parents. Having tools to help parents navigate these times and understand what is expected is so helpful.

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Teaching Good Eating

Need strategies to support new eaters and help families avoid getting stuck? This section is for you!

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Helping Children Stay at the Table

A supportive chair at the table can make the difference between a successful mealtime and a stressful one. Check out our recommendations for our favorite chairs as well!

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Meaning of Mess

We know that babies get messy when they are learning to eat, but what happens when we are working with an older child with feeding delays? How do we help parents understand WHY their child is getting messy? Also included are tips for getting everyone clean again!

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Family Food Fun

Need strategies to make therapy and meals at home a little more fun? This is your place!

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Setting Up for Mealtime Success

Helping kids understand what to expect is a great way to support mealtimes. A mealtime routine, the language we use, and play outside of meals can all be supportive.

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Top 10 Myths of Mealtimes - Explained

You have heard them before… “Just send your picky eater to stay with me for the weekend – they won’t be picky anymore!” or “Picky eaters are just spoiled kids”.

We know this isn’t true, and it isn’t helpful to the families we are working with! You can support the families you are working with by giving them the information to help them view their child in a different light.

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