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Progressing the Picky Eater

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Understanding Picky Eaters

It can sometimes feel like a picky eater is choosing not to eat just to make us crazy (or at least their parents think so!). In reality, most of the time there are skill problems that are making the task of eating too much work. These articles will give you the language to help families understand how complex the task of eating is.

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Family Meal Routine & Structure

What are Family Meals? Why are they important? How do you help families do a Family Meal if the child you are working with won’t even sit at the table?

These questions and more are all answered on this page.

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Tips for Picky Eaters

Mealtimes with a Picky Eater can be tough! Here we share tried and true strategies that we use in therapy every day!

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Strategies for Better Eating

Need strategies to support your client’s oral motor or sensory skill development? We cover this, and more in this section.

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Key Phrases

Our words are powerful – why not let them work for us at meals too!

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Starting a Feeding Therapy Practice

The thought of starting a feeding therapy practice can be daunting. We have added resources for you to use to help you with planning the physical layout your practice space, tips for managing insurance and billing, templates for effective documentation and protocols for efficiency.

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Tools to Use

In the market for a new chair for your clinic, but not sure what to buy? Overwhelmed by choices when you look at baby utensils? Need tips to help keep your clients engaged when learning about new foods? We have a collection of our favorite products highlighted in this section.

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Recipes to Engage the Picky Eater

Are your families stuck in a food rut? We have gathered some of our favorite recipes to make in therapy to help expand the nutrition in our client’s diets.

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Supporting Eating Away from the Table

Looking for things to do outside of meals to help your picky eater? This is the place for you. From books to grocery shopping, we have lots of ideas for you to choose from.

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