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SOS Handouts (Completion of SOS Conference is required prior to purchase)


Designed for Professionals to use and provide to parents during their clinical work with children with feeding difficulties.

  • Includes over 165 handouts (Handouts provided on the USB are in addition to those provided in your workshop notebook).
  • Conveniently formatted on a USB/Jump Drive to bring with you to your Clinic or your client’s home.
  • Updated in 2017 – 61 new files
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Available for Professionals who have attended the SOS Approach to Feeding Conference, the SOS Handouts include over 160 handouts for Professionals to use and give out to parents during their clinical work with children with feeding difficulties.  Each of these SOS Handouts were specifically created over the past 30 years in response to requests from Parents to address a certain topic/need or professionals who wanted a more structured way to provide materials for their parent education.  Included on the Handouts are 1-5 typed educational pages regarding topics such as:

  • Typical Feeding Schedules
  • Tips for working with children on the Autism Spectrum
  • A Developmental Timeline for Reflux
  • Ideas for gluten-free, dairy-free or soy-free foods
  • Sample menus across 6 meals and 7 days that are made up of a protein/starch/fruit or vegetable AND a Hard Munchable/Meltable/Puree
  • An Explanation of SOS to give to parents
  • The Top Ten Myths
  • The Developmental Continuum Exercises to use with parents
  • How to support oral feeding when a child gets a G-tube
  • An explanation of the Food School Routine
  • How to Read Labels for hidden allergens
  • A Cognitive Development handout
  • Ideas for Increasing Calories
  • Food Hierarchy examples, a Sleep Weaning program
  • Creating Transitional Objects
  • More detail on the Parent Lessons per session

SOS Handouts – Table of Contents

Please note, submission of the Certificate of Attendance is required to purchase the Handouts and Administrative Forms.

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