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SOS Approach to Feeding Conference Registration

Live Stream - January 11-15, 2023

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  • Due to the participant requirements for the virtual conference, eligible registrants are those professionals in the following times zones:  UTC times zones = UTC – 3 hours through UTC + 2 hours. Participants outside of these time zones are not eligible to register. If you register and you are out of this time zone requirement, your registration will be cancelled and a refund provided.

  • Please do not enter the address in all capital letters or abbreviate the State/Province.
  • Additional Requirements - COTA, OTA, CODA, SA, PTA or student in training

    LICENSING STANDARDS - All students and assistants must follow individual licensing/training standards for their State/Country and their professional degree’s supervision standards. When there is a requirement for a students and/or assistants to practice only under professional supervision, the SOS Approach to Feeding program requires those SLP-A’s, COTA’s or discipline equivalent to have a Supervisor who themselves have attended a SOS Training Conference.
  • If your Supervisor has previously attended the SOS Approach to Feeding and you are registering to attend an SOS Training Conference as an assistant or student, you are required to have your supervisor send an email stating that they will provide supervision to you as required by your State/County’s standards while practicing the SOS Approach to Feeding program, along with a copy of their SOS Certificate of Attendance.

    If your supervisor is planning to attend an SOS Conference with you, please have your supervisor send an email stating that they will be attending the SOS conference with you and will provide supervision to you while practicing the SOS Approach to Feeding IF this is required by your State, Country or professional degree’s standards to [email protected]
  • ADA Requests

    ADA Accommodations - Toomey & Associates, Inc. complies with ADA provisions. If you require special accommodations or need assistance, please contact Toomey & Associates at least two weeks in advance of the conference at [email protected] or (720) 672-1143.
  • Provisions, Terms & Conditions

  • Hardwiring Technical Requirement Agreement (No WiFi)*

    To attend this conference, it is REQUIRED that you MUST have your computer hardwired directly into an Internet connection via and Ethernet cord. WiFi connections to the internet are not sufficient and will not provide you with enough clarity to view videos and Speaker demonstrations.
  • If you have any questions regarding this requirement, we are happy to provide recommendations for how to set up your system for hardwiring into the internet. Please email [email protected] at least 2 weeks prior to the conference.
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