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Script for SOS Telehealth Assessment

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Helping to prepare a 6 – 11 year old child prior to an online/telehealth feeding assessment

Generally, I tell parents to have 2 discussions with their child along this line =

Meeting 1 (whole family) = We are calling this Family Meeting because your Dad and I (if mom is talking) have decided that we want our whole family to eat a wider range of foods that are good for our bodies and our brains.  Therefore, we are going to be making some changes in the way we handle meals.  To help us with this, we are going to talk to some Nutrition Experts.  As soon as those Nutrition Experts tell us what we need to do, your Dad and I will let all of you know as well. This is going to be a really good thing for our family and your Dad and I are very excited.

Meeting 2 (Just identified client) = Sarah, I wanted to talk to you a bit more about the meeting we are going to do with the Nutrition Expert we told you we were going to see.  One of the things we want some help with from this person is with figuring out how we can make learning about new foods easier for you.  We have noticed that sometimes new foods are hard for you (or whatever type of food is hard for that child).  The Nutrition Expert we are going to see runs a Food School for kids who need extra help learning about new foods.  It is a bit like how if one of your classmates was having a hard time with reading or writing, they could go and get extra help from a Reading or Writing Teacher.  Kids who have a hard time with new foods can go get extra help from a Food School Teacher.

Because of the COVID/shut down/quarantine (however they talk about it), we are actually going to do a meeting with the Food School Teacher on the computer.  She has asked us to put together a menu of foods to have during our meeting with her, kind of like eating a picnic together.  She has asked us to have 2 foods that you really like to eat, our usual plates and cups and silverware, and a drink you like too.  We will eat those foods with you and the Food School Teacher on camera.  She has also asked us to bring out 2 foods that are not your favorites or a brand new food.  You don’t have to eat those foods unless you really want to.  Ms. Louise, the Food School Teacher, just wants to see how much you have learned about those foods, such as can you look at it?  Poke it with a fork? Cut it open? Smell it? Touch it or Taste it?  Your job is to do what you are comfortable doing right now with that food.  Then Ms. Louise may have us do some Food School Games with some of the foods we have.  Your Dad and I will play those games with you too.

We hope this script helps set you up for success with your assessment!

Considerations for Providing SOS via Telehealth

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