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SOS Training Experiences

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Professional Training & Education

Whether you’re just starting out in treatment with your first child with a feeding disorder, or you have been doing this for years, SOS provides information and strategies to improve your skills to help even the most challenging children.

The SOS Approach to Feeding Conference

Foundational information in feeding development, evaluations, and the use of the SOS Approach to Feeding. View conference schedule

Advanced Workshops

Advanced techniques that address special populations and specialized topics in feeding. View topics and register

SOS Mentorship

Personalized guidance and feedback on the use of the SOS Approach in your setting and with your clinical caseload. View details and schedules

SOS Certification

Expert-level training to demonstrate mastery of the SOS Approach and to utilize the SOS Philosophies in treatment. View details and schedules

SOS Educational Programs

Parent/Caregiver Workshop

The Parent and Caregiver Workshop offers an introductory view of the SOS Approach to Feeding to help Parents and Caregivers understand how complicated feeding/eating is, why children may struggle to eat, and how to help children to eat better. This Workshop will teach Parents and Caregivers about the foundational skills needed for eating. Practical Strategies are discussed so Parents and Caregivers can help their children learn to have a lifelong healthy relationship with food. This Workshop will be addressing common feeding issues often seen in young children, to struggles that “picky eaters” may have, and the challenges of the “problem feeder”.

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