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Registration & Tuition

SOS Mentorship

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SOS Mentorship – Tuition

  • SOS Mentorship – Standard: $650.00 for 1.25 hour class
  • SOS Mentorship – Extended: $720.00 for 1.5 hour class

Continuing Education Units

Participants should submit the Course Agenda and Objectives to their professional organizations to determine if this SOS Mentorship Course fulfills professional Continuing Education requirements. Some professional organizations may assign Professional Development Units versus CEU’s.

Participants should inquire and apply to their professional organization BEFORE registering for the SOS Mentorship course if continuing education credits are needed by the therapist.

Registration Process

  1. Complete the Registration Form and submit along with a scanned copy of your Certificate of Attendance at a 3.75 Day Basic SOS Approach to Feeding training course.
  2. If you attended a 2.5 or 3-Day Basic SOS training course before 2015, also submit a scanned copy of your Certificate of Attendance of the Advanced Workshop = “Tools in Your Pantry: Effectively Using the New Oral Motor Steps”.
  3. Upon submission, you will be directed to submit payment for the course.
  4. Once your payment for the SOS Mentorship Program has been received, a Course Confirmation and additional Course Information will be sent to you.

Course Details

Course Objectives & Outlines

Course Schedules

SOS Mentorship Professors

Prerequesite & Participant Expectations

System & Material Requirements

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