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Application Process & Tuition

SOS Certification

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Tuition Cost

$1250.00 for 12-week online course

Application Process

  1. Complete your registration online

  2. Attach a copy of your current curriculum vitae or resume and Certificate of Attendance for pre-requisite requirements

  3. Submit the registration fee

We will notify you by email within 10 business days regarding your acceptance into the program.  Participant selection will be based on priority of applications received, previous work/educational experience and course space availability.If you are not selected to participate in the Certification program, your registration fee will be refunded to you in full.  If you are accepted into the Certification program, but not in the currently scheduled course, you may choose to be enrolled in the next available course opening.  Your application fee would then be held to the start of that course time frame.

Once the Certification program has started, this registration fee will become non-refundable.  If an unavoidable emergency situation arises precluding the Participant from completing the Certification program, special arrangements for a postponement may be made on a case by case basis.

Please note, we require a minimum of 6 participants to run each Certification program session.  In the event that a Certification program course needs to be canceled or postponed due to low registration, all payments, including the $50 registration fee, will be refunded.

Course Details

SOS Certification Overview

Course Schedule

SOS Professors

Prerequisites & Participant Expectations

System & Material Requirements

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